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A Note From G.E. Pedretti

I didnít ride the faders during the mixdown of ďCygnus X-1Ē in 1977 Ė and even if I did, I wouldnít make it my claim to fame. Iím not interested in bleeding you dry on an hourly rate. Iím not going to tell you how to play your instruments or how to arrange your songs (all while bleeding you dry on an hourly rate). I do pay attention to detail, but Iím not interested in Pro Tools-ing your session to death.

Ride the Fader

I believe that music must have some honesty to evoke an emotional response. One way to convey honesty is to give people a recording that is as raw and energetic as a live performance. Another way is to let go of the mundane world Ė whether that is in the form of a ticking clock, an obsession with perfection, or a feeling of inadequacy Ė and stay in a creative, inspirational place as tape rolls.

I believe that music is art more than science. When I was choosing my new logo from many options, a friend commented that the rabbit in the hat didnít have anything to do with my line of business. It doesnít Ė directly Ė but itís a metaphor, you see, which is quite appropriate for art. I pull rabbits out of hats here. I provide optical illusions and auditory pieces of art. Iím an artist, working together with other artists.

Most studios would list their gear here in an attempt to impress you. Guess what? No one ever bought or liked an album because the lead guitar went through a Turbo Crumpus 6K6. If the overall performance is sterile, people donít care if the kick drum blows their face off. I have the appropriate gear to make a professional recording (and I have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of recording, and how to convey those aspects to you). But if it werenít such an epic task, Iíd list my album collection here instead Ė because itís far more appropriate.

I love music. I was born with this love; my first memories are of waiting by the radio for my favorite songs. I know what sounds good, I know what sounds real, and I know what communicates well Ė and none of these are tied to any particular genre or style. Iím the type of guy who writes album reviews for fun. Andy, John, and many other valuable friends have introduced me to all sorts of great new music over the years. Iím interested in passing that gift along. Iím disturbed by the continually growing trend of pasteurized, mass-market music in popular culture Ė because it doesnít feel right to me. I love music.

Iím interested in helping you maintain your artistic vision as your music is recorded. I wonít tell you how to play your music Ė because I trust that you know best when it comes to something so personal. Iíll let you know in a non-judgmental, objective way when you make a mistake that would be obvious to the general publicís ears Ė but Iíll also tell you when you have a killer take, or a take with so much energy that it can bear a few dropped notes. Youíd be surprised what kind of magic comes out of an environment like this...

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